5 Tips To Avoid Getting A Virus

A virus can be deadly to your devices, and your company. They can delete or steal information, lock you out of your devices, and more. To make sure you can fight against a virus from entering your devices, here are five tips to keep your devices safe.

  1. DO NOT open emails, especially attachments, or click on hyperlinks, that are not confirmed as valid – This is a popular way of viruses entering people’s devices. Hackers or other people can hide a virus inside an email through an attachment or hyperlink. By clicking on the link, or downloading the attachment, the virus is instantly in and doing whatever it was created to do. By double checking the source of the email, it can save you a big hassle.
  2.  HAVE proven, up to date and reputable anti-virus software on every machine in your network – Having outdated anti-virus software can make it useless against viruses it isn’t programmed to go up against. Updating the anti-virus software can help make it stronger and more knowledgeable against new kinds of viruses. Also, having a reputable anti-virus software is helpful as updates will come out faster, and they are better at defending your device than others.
  3. DO NOT log into, or download from, P2P file sharing websites – This, like email, is a popular way for viruses to travel. Downloading and sharing files on P2P file sharing websites are ways for people to get a virus quickly. People can disguise the virus as something else, and something people will want to download, and it will trap them into downloading the virus.
  4. HAVE proven, up to date and solid email scanning software running on all email clients in your network – Like the anti-virus software, keeping your email scanning software updated will help defend against email attacks.
  5. DO NOT browse websites with questionable, illegal or dark web content – The dark web can be a scary place, and a simple way to avoid it is to not go looking for it! If you do stumble upon it, or any website that seems illegal or has a questionable type of feel it to it, leave immediately. Viruses are lurking all around those types of websites and just by simply avoiding them will help your devices stay clean.
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