5 Tips To Prevent From Getting Hacked

Websites and companies are getting hacked all the time in this digital age. Want not to get hacked? Here are 5 tips to help prevent that.

-DO upgrade your firmware – By upgrading your firmware, you get new fixes for bugs, possibly new features added, and it protects you from vulnerabilities with better security.

-DO NOT use RDP – Using RDP over the internet is asking for a hacker to be able to jump into your session and get access to a network or a server. Doing things like that is practically inviting hackers to attack and take over, it is just too easy to do and simple to prevent.

-DO NOT open every email you ever get – Email phishing tactics have been around for years. They are an easy way for a hacker to let a virus in and take over or possibly worse. While most of these are easy to tell they are fake with their “click here to win $1,000” ads or something similar, hackers have gotten smarter and have made some emails look professional and authentic when it turns out to be a scam also. Always double check where it is coming from and what the context of the email is.

-DO NOT let your staff have a no rules personal device use policy – By allowing personal devices with no restrictions, it can lead to some problems and security issues.

-DO subscribe to the 321 rule for backup – The 321 backup rule is simple. Whatever data you have, keep three copies of it. Store the copy of the data on two different devices (USB drive, External hard drive) and keep another backup of the copy offsite. That way you have four different ways to access your data in case of a breach or emergencies.

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