Who We Are

  • Established in 1995.
  • Providing 24 x 7 Emergency Sales and Service.
  • Located in Sterling Heights, MI.
  • Serving Metro Detroit and the Suburbs with a dedicated team of 12 field repair technicians. Covering all IT skill sets.

Certified, Bonded, Insured and Trusted by 850+ clients, with 82,000+ documented hours of field repair experience.

Kyda Technologies, Inc. 24×7 Onsite Emergency Computer Network System Repair.

When a client signs on with The Kyda Group, they receive access to a multi-certified, insured and bonded response team. 12+ field technicians, available 24 Hours a day, with no retainer, each one specifically skilled in a certain aspect of IT repair. The team is redundant in numbers and skill sets, holds a combined 200,000+ hours of repair experience, 30+ certifications, and has been servicing 850+ clients for over 16 years. Once a technician is matched to a specific repair issue, they are dispatched in under 4 hours for emergency down situations, and are required to document all repairs live while work is done. They are not compensated until the client is satisfied and the repair notes are uploaded to a central server historical database. Kyda is the only 24×7 onsite IT department of its kind in southeastern Michigan.

We are your Offsite IT Department, just a phone call away!