Thanks for the email – nice touch! Everything is going well with the equipment so far! Thanks again for your expertise!!!!


Todd is the owner of KYDA Technologies, IT & computer services. He just so happens to take care of my computers, maintenance and IT needs. He and his techs are excellent in handling, troubleshooting, and anything computer related in my office. Very professional and reliable. I would highly recommend him if you don't have someone taking care of your computer needs for the office.

Dr. G.
Shelby Township MI

I should be saying thank you to you…for your patience. So thank you.Computers are working up to par. Bill was awesome, came when he said he would and left as planned. So it worked out great!!! Thanks again for everything you do for us.

Have a wonderful weekend…


I was having an issue with my email. Steve called and got it fixed within a few minutes. THANK YOU!!!!

Owen D.

Thanks a million, you are the best,.!

Bradhart Products Inc

Todd, I want to personally thank you for doing what you have and going above the call of duty. Your caring nature is greatly appreciated.

Doctor H.
Sterling Heights, MI

Todd, I have been very impressed with your work and determination these last two days. I am sure that if anybody is able to provide a solution so we may be able to function again it would be you. As I understand, and you can correct me if I am not, that at least we have our data but it is Endovision that is not working. Please advise if this may be our time to change our practice management software to something else, Eaglesoft, TDO, Dentrix???? I will be in Sterling in the morning by 7:30 if you need me to do anything on site. I can also be available any time this weekend at any office if you need to do anything. Best of luck, give your brain a rest and I will look forward to you status report tomorrow.

Dr. Halk

I have know Todd Brady for close to ten years: we met in a LBN, a networking group. Through the many years of being this networking group, I was able to hear other business share how Todd's Kyda Tech., has helped their business. I know Todd is prompt returning your call & most of honest; sharing how he can help your business or referring you to a business that can help you. I have seen Todd's business grow to the successful business is today. Todd is very community minded & serves his local charities in the area

Marie O.

Very high quality work and can solve any of your technological problems from the very simple to the most complex systems.

Arlene E.

I have known Todd all his life and have watched him grow and develop into a hard driving goal oriented professional. KYDA means " Keep Your Dreams Alive " and he is doing it.

Patrick G., President/CEO at Semicon Photometrology Solutions LLC
Dallas, Texas

Todd has maintained my computers for the past 8 years and I highly recommend him for any computer needs one may have. I also have known him to be very ethical and dependable in everything that he does. I appreciate the fact that he is on call 24/7 for all of my computer needs and he has been very prompt in responding to my calls when my computers are down.

R. Sean M.
Owner at R Sean McKee Executive Clothiers

Todd and Kyda Technologies emphasizes attention to detail as well as accuracy in all work. I highly recommend Todd for medium to large business IT needs.

Thomas P.
Owner, Techbusters tp, LLC

Todd has been a great asset in assisting my companies develop from a technical standpoint. He is very good at what he does. I respect him and trust him to do right by me and my businesses.

Victoria T.
Sr. Partner at Targosz & Walker Legal Group PLLC

I can highly recommend Todd and his group. If it is IT, and it might break, get to know Todd and has team. They will fix it even before it is broken ...

Wendell B.
M&A Advisor, MarketPoint Advisors, Michigan

Todd 's company, Kyda Technologies, has always represented technology in an easy simple way. They offer significant experience and knowledge with a proven track record of helping businesses to understand and use and keep working their investment of technology in an optimized manner for many years in the Michigan business community. Todd Brady participates in numerous community Chamber of Commerce, B&I and overall business network activities with pride and showmanship. I appreciate Kyda Technologies and their resources for professionalism, prompt action and in-depth knowledge of the computer industry. I would recommend Kyda Technologies!

Stephanie B.
Social Media Marketing & Networking

I just wanted to let you know, that the MS word, publisher and excel programs have been working all weekend! You saved me from a complete meltdown! I could not believe it only took you under an hour, to fix what Microsoft tried, and failed, to do in 6 hours. I was grateful you could save the Word and Publisher version 2013, and I did not have to try and go back to 2007. Now I have to go through the bother of trying to get my money back from Microsoft. Of course, I have not heard a word back from them. Their techs took the money and ran. Thank you so much again. Next time I will call the Kyda Technologies Team first…!

Barb C. - Michigan
The Waterfront Shoppe

We are a professional company and have used Todd Brady and Kyda Technologies for many years. All I have to say is OUSTANDING! Todd and the whole team are always there at the drop of a hat. Their service EXCEPTIONAL. They have supplied us with the most updated equipment which is exquisite and his IT work Outstanding. They can do anything. We are beyond satisfied with Todd and his company and will continue to use and recommend his services as an excellent technical company. We have always been treated in a timely manner and with professionalism. Like I said OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Keith V (Fraser, MI)

Thank you Kyda Tech for getting us back on track with our computers. In a small home-based business our computers are critical to our success. Kyda Tech has promptly helped more than once with issues that were important to us to keep our business on track. The techs are friendly, patient and thorough. Thank you, Kyda, for being there for us!

Carolyn J (Clinton Township, MI)

Thanks for the great service on the Mac. As you know, the software started to fail after five years of great stability. As the system started to decay, you were able to save information, set up a different profile, redo three e-mail accounts and keep business going. Many thanks.

John K (Southfield, MI)

WOW - Hey Todd - just wanted to let you and everyone else know we kicked off the website build today. You guys ROCK - easy to discuss the changes on both sides - everyone had great concepts, great idea's - we can't wait to see the final website--- Thank you for the high standards you have and the great TEAM work!!!"

Bill R (Utica, MI)

We started with Todd and his crew back in 2003. Since then, they have become a part of our team. We are a busy dental office and it is imperative that our computer systems are up and running at all times because we are digital and 90% paperless. One of the many things we can appreciate about Todd, he always goes above and beyond. From the beginning, he took time to understand our horrible software system, spoke to our software reps and majority of the time figured out the problem before the software reps could. We finally upgraded our software back in 2010, and again, Todd took the time to know our software inside and out and it has never run better! Kyda keeps us on schedule with all of our maintenances (one less thing I need to think about). If there is a problem, Todd has one of his guys out here the same day, unless one of his other clients has a larger issue (which is understandable, I would want the same treatment) they will come out first thing the following day and the problem is solved. Todd and his team helped us move offices just over a year ago and there was not one problem during the transition-and it was a big one! I have never dealt with an IT company that has taken the time to learn our software and every piece of machinery we have in the office like Todd does. I truly believe this is why our system runs so smooth. I have to say…after running reports on my yearly maintenance fees from 2010-3rd qtr 2012 they have substantially decreased. Thank you Todd for your constant communication and the ability to put everything into “layman” terms for us. You truly are the best at what you do!

Doctor A (Shelby Township,MI)

I will say that not only are the owners (Todd and Kathy) nice, respectable, fair and intelligent people, but so are the staff of Kyda Technologies. I personally know how much pride the owners take in hiring their employees - to ensure the best fit for their clients and their company. I have always been given prompt, accurate service with competitive pricing and fair warranties. They take the time to implement and maintain the best possible systems for your business to run as efficiently as possible, while keeping it user friendly for all skill levels. Not to mention, they are available around the clock to help with any problems that may arise. I highly recommend Kyda Technologies to friends, family and businesses of sizes! They are committed and they won't let you down!

Sandy S (Fraser, MI)

We have had the pleasure to work with Todd and his business just recently and have to say they are amazing. He has been so helpful with our staff and getting us up and running. We just want to give a big shout out to Kyda Tech Inc and look forward to doing business in the near future.
Thanks guys!

Natalie A (Harrison Township, MI)

Kyda Tech Inc has not only done great repairs for us, they have also built me a fast computer with very reasonable prices and friendly service. I would recommend them to anyone. They are very knowledgeable.

Sam S (Algonac, MI)

Todd he has always come across as a top professional in his field. He has the knowledge and the hands on skills to resolve your computer issues quickly and for good.

Burnett A.
St. Clair Shores, Mi

Todd has maintained all my office, field, and home systems for 10 years now. He is right on the money with advice, hardware, software, training, everything. He will free up your time to get back to your work

Dave B.
Harrison Township, Mi