Meet The Team!

A specialized, hand picked team of technicians, each with a broad range of repair skills, but also a highly specialized focus on a specific aspect of IT. Once dispatched, you are receving a technician with an exact lifetime focus, on your issue. Eliminating “on the job learning” and getting your systems back on line as fast as possible!

  • Todd Brady – Pc’s and Servers (LAN/WAN)
  • Craig Albertson – Phone Systems and PopTV Ads
  • Derrick Leach – Low Voltage, Data and Voice Cable
  • Brad Hill – PC Building and Repair
  • Donavon Harrell – Remote Maintenance and Bench Repair
  • Scott Zboch – Field Dispatch Network Repair
  • Mark Stackpoole – Circuits and Broadband
  • Nathan Caspers – Cisco and Data Security
  • Paul Nowicki – Printer, Copier Repairs
  • H. J. Brubaker – Websites and Hosting
  • James Breault – Custom Software Programming
  • Rob Schonemann – Web SEO and E-Commerce
  • Brian Devoe – Microsoft CRM Systems.
  • James Richardson – Apple / MAC Systems
  • Kathy Crissman – Graphic Design, Corporate Identity
  • Tom Piper – Linux and Data Cloning
  • John Hovich – Cellular and Data Air Cards
  • Craig Cesarone – POS Systems
  • John Rossen – Unix, AS/400
  • Dori Glaze – Marketing and Advertising
  • Denise Sesto – Dispatch, Warranty Tracking and Client follow up


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